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End of the week ....Friday ...... I think.  At this point the only thing I know is either it's a work day, or it's not.  

I am very truly blessed to be employed by company who has, and continues to,  invested in their employees future, has yet to lay ANYONE off and has yet to furlogh anyone.  Our business, due to shutdown, has only suffered 5%.  We are so heavily invested in grocery and other non retail related business.

The past 3 days have been tougher than normal.  There have been multiple performance & business targets that have needed to be hit.  Multiple deadlines & meetings after meetings!!  Since this quarantine I have been involved with more meeting that ever. However, It's very cool the amount of productivity that has come out of all these meetings.  Microsoft Teams has been amazing with the calls, screen share, chat & calendar integration.

This week we had an email from the CEO and a video conference with CIO and the overwhelming feeling from both of them is that we (I.T.) has exceeded any preconceived expectation of the ability to work under these remote environments without dropping productivity & communication.  On the contrary, they mentioned that communication between the management staff & employees has risen & that overall productivity had gone up!  This is great for those of use who, in the long term, would like the option to work remotely.  Additionally, on Wed. my manager send out an email asking, if we had the preference post quarantine, would we rather "work from home" or work from the office.  This to me says one thing, that the value of remote employees has been recognized & that there is, or might be, a small hope that "corporate America" might actually embrace in the remote worker & not have the "if they are not on site, they must not be working" attitude.  Only time will Tell...