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I.G. oAuth

I.G. oAuth

This page will serve as the default landing page for Instagram's API oAuth Redirect Requirement.

A while back I stumbled upon a free website that would provide you with a very rich set of statistics about your personal Instagram page. However in June 2016 Instagram made a tactical move to change their API adding restrictions and as a result this website became a "Members" paid site.

This project will be my attempt to mirror some of the functionality that I use to enjoy.

However with the API Changes I'm not even sure I will be able to do so.

Number of Followers
Number Following
Number of Followers Gained.
Number of Followers Lost.
-From Last Refresh to current.

Most active Follower

Most Used hashtag
Most Productive Hashtag -- How would I measure this?
Most Use Filter

Most active days
Most active times

most active likes - Days
most active likes - time