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Python Virtual Env with VSCode

How to setup a new python project in Visual Studio Code using virtual environments.
Python Virtual Env with VSCode

following New Git Workflow
Setup the server side --

Setup the Client
git clone user@server.com/folder1/folder1-subfoler/heatmap_flask.git

Start New App
python3 -m venv heatmap_flask_venv
Open new virtual environment in VSCode
code .
To active current terminal virtual environment
source heatmap_flask_venv/bin/activate
from the virtual env you will want to install all the packages.  This keep the install seperate than the "Global" python installs.
[link](https://docs.python.org/3/tutorial/venv.html) you can also easily create a requirements.txt file to help with installs on other systems.  pip freeze > requirements.txt | pip install -r requirements.txt