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Remote: D01

Day 1, working from home & some brief thoughts on COVID-19
Remote: D01

Today is Friday, March 20, 2020 and should have been my last day working int the office.  However, I woke up with a red, itchy, watery eye which is either going to be a case of pinkeye or some type of pollen allergy.  Thank you 1st day of spring.  

As of today, my employer has stated that they have over 900 employees working remotely which is approximately 95% of the full-time staff.   As I write this I am so grateful for the experiences that I have had in my life leading up to this moment.  Grateful for the several month of remote 1099 contractor work that I was given the opportunity to conduct as I moved my family to TN to start this new chapter of our life.  I believe this has given me the tool I need to perform my job anywhere at any time to the best of my ability.

I find it very interesting that this covid-19 virus has forced, what seems to be, the entire responsible world into family/ home isolation. I use the term responsible because there are those that are not taking the "Social Distancing" seriously & are continuing to gather.  Only time will tell how that will play out.

As I tell my family.  If we isolate ourselves & nothing happens, then that was the point.  It's time to be responsible human beings and do what is necessary.